vanwalk:photography | boudoir FAQs

hey ladies, this is a little post to help answer some questions i've been receiving regarding boudoir sessions. I'll add to it if I need to but i'm hoping I can answer all your questions here. I'm really excited about doing these shoots. I am a huge fan of this type of photography, and really look forward to doing a bunch in such a gorgeous location.

I applaud every woman who has signed up to do this. I am a huge advocate of women feeling sexy regardless of their physical features. I personally think I'm hot stuff and anyone who disagrees can really go fly a kite. I think every woman has the ability to be sexy and no I dont think you need to be a size 2 to do this kind of thing. I'm a size 22 and I've done it. 

With all that being said here are a few things to keep in mind if you're going to participate

first off.... no I cannot make you look: taller, thinner, curvier, bustier, etc. but i can: pose you in a way that's flattering for whatever body type you have. We can hide things you're insecure about and play up the things you want to show off.

do ... enjoy yourself, seriously it's going to be a lot of fun.
do ... encourage a friend to accompany you if you're nervous. (they cant be in the photos though)
do ... shave your armpits, legs, bikini area (if your outfits show that part of your body)
do ... come with painted nails or bare nails (chipping nail polish isn't the nicest thing to photograph)
do ... show up with your hair and makeup already done.
do ... think about bringing a robe to wear unless you're cool with hanging out in lingerie
do ... act like a lady. I get that what we're doing is a little scandalous but I wont be taking pictures of overtly sexual poses.
do ... come with a few ideas of things you'd like to try - aka images you've seen and liked.
do ... bring props (candy, champagne flutes, etc) if you want
do ... bring heels, lots of heels.
do ... bring multiple outfits if you're confused or can't decide
do ... feel free to send me pictures of what you plan to wear if you aren't sure. I'd love to see what you've got planned.
do ... think about bringing black pantyhose or attach garters :)

do not ... worry about stretch marks/red marks/pimples/rashes/inperfections ... I'll fix that kind of stuff
do not ... wear something that's too big or too tight. Even the best bodies will buldge out in the wrong places if you aren't wearing the appropriate sizes of clothing/lingerie/undergarments
do not ... think I (or anyone else involved in the shoots) are judging you. we're not. seriously.
do not ... wear something that will make you feel uncomfortable. If you're uncomfortable, you'll look uncomfortable.
do not ... stress out about it.
do not ... be worried about your photo showing up on facebook (unless you post it - or you've given me permission) they're private for you to use as you want.
do not ... have any sort of makeup on your legs or arms - the bed spread is white - and we don't want to stain it.
do not ... be late, that's time that you lose for shooting.
do not ... come extra early just to get ready. there will be enough going on without a bunch of people showing up extra early and crowding the room, sorry. the bathroom isn't THAT big.
do not ... show up drunk or high. I feel like that's a given.

please let me know how open/willing you are to be nude and let me know before hand. I am completely comfortable taking pictures of bare breasts (in a classy way) full on or nipples covered. I'm also fine with bare bottoms but not full frontal crotch. We're going for sexy and classy, not sexual skanky. I will not pressure you in any way to do something you're not comfortable with, you're in charge and you can wear as much or as little as you'd like. If you'd like examples of nude boudoir shots, google image them. You'll have plenty of examples to look through.

what to wear
it's completely up to you what you want to wear. you know what your partner would want to see you in/you know what you feel sexy in. The main thing is that you feel completely comfortable in whatever you're wearing. half hour sessions can have up to 3 outfit changes, and the 1 hour sessions can have as many as they want.

outfits can be anything that falls in the lingerie category. teddys, corsets etc. in whatever colour you want. You can also do a bra and panty combos with or without attach garters. Other cute options can be a mens (specifically your partner) dress shirt and a nice pair of panties with our without a bra.

GO SHOPPING!!! See what you like. I am a personal fan of animal prints, sheer lace and anything with a lit of ruffles. You could consider a sheer or satin robe to put over a bra and panty set. Try stuff on and enjoy yourself. I can't tell you exactly what you should wear because everyone has their own taste.

I also like faux fur.

If you're self conscious about parts of your body find something thats really flattering. Ladies with bigger breasts should find something with some support for the girls. someone thats a little hippier could look for a longer nightie. Again, google boudoir sessions. You'll find lots of ideas.

Moral of the entire story: i want you to enjoy yourself and feel beautiful. do whatever you need to so that it's an enjoyable experience for you.

For those of you who need some tips on clothing choices, here is some stuff I personally think would photograph well.

I adore all of these, in particular the high waisted lace panties. American Apparel is accessible and not crazy expensive.

I long for a better body so I can wear this. I love vintage everything.

I love lace, can you tell? I think the back of this is crazy cute

Everyone loves a nice babydoll, this style is usually pretty flattering for all bodytypes

For ladies who real sized, you shouldnt be sad you cant wear the tiny revealing numbers, you can still be super sexy,default,pd.html?dwvar_305471_color=Black%20Animal&start=8&cgid=AE-Lingerie-Sexy,default,pd.html?dwvar_713060_color=Black&start=7&cgid=AE-Lingerie-Sexy

Who doesn't love Victoria Secret?

I crazy love this little number

Why not robe up?

MMMMM nude tones

This place is in London and has lots of cute stuff, also a location in Tillsonburg

Think about garters?

Ruffles and lace?!

A bow thong?! Well I never...

Don't be afriad to go a little vintage

I love these kind of drop bra bustiers

I wouldn't be upset if someone showed up prepared to wear a panty like this and nothing else? So pretty, and would photograph beautifully.

My person preference is towards simple colours and simple and feminine pieces. Keep in mind that the room and the furniture in it are classy and modern.