vanwalk:photography | Client Access

Please Note. If you'd like visual references there's an album with screen shots of what the screes look like as you check out.

Enter in your access code
Then your password

Please Also Note: The process of checking out that is easiest is via the favourites folder. SOOOOO as you're going through your photos add the photos you want to your favourites, it'll make things easier at the end.

To Checkout (in accordance with visual aids in Help Album)

A. Add the photos you want to your favourites album. (In the large view photo mode, the 'add to favourites' option is right above the large photo preview.

B. Once you've added all the photos you want to your favourites album, go to your favourites folder. (Top left hand corner) Save your favourites (This is a two fold step, it saves your faves in case something goes wrong, and will also prompt you at this point to log in or register (you'll need to do this in order to checkout)

C. Log in or Register - I'll just need basic info here.

D. Select the 'Buy All" option in your favourites album, then from the drop down menu, select product for "#" photos

E. You should see your product there, just hit select on the product.

F. Hit Continue

G. This step is really tedious, I've tried to figure out how to remove it from the process but no luck yet. You'll want to drag and drop all the photos you want into the open spaces (Don't worry that there's only a few, as you fill them more appear) You'll have to add a minimum amount of photos (the minimum amount in your package - if you haven't added enough, it will let you know) You can also at this point, go back and view small thumbnails of the whole album if you missed one.

H. Once you've hit okay to the step above, it will take you back to your favourites folder. if it doesn't, navigate back to your favourites and go to your cart.

I. Once you're in your cart, hit Checkout (Do not check out with pay pall, if you owe me money for extras, you'll need to get that to me either by cash drop off or EMT)

J. Accept the license agreement.

K. Continue Checkout

L. Enter in some more info

M. Review and place your order (YAY ALMOST DONE)

N. Place your order (and you're done) you'll get a receipt and i'll get an email almost instantly, so check with me if you think you did something wrong. It's really not as hard as it seems. Promise.