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I'd like to thank everyone who has written me a testimonial so far. feel free at any time to write one for me if you've had a good or bad experience. I'll post them all, (unless you say unjustified, mean things about me) send them via email to or send it in a message on facebook. I appreciate the feedback! And can I just say that I have the BEST clients in the world, golly do they know how to make a girl feel good!


"My house is filled with Vanessa's pictures. Her ability to make my kids smile and enjoy the photo shoot is amazing. The quality of pictures for the price you pay you'll never see anywhere else!" Sam Waugh

"You are truly an amazing photographer. No matter what kind of situation you are in you just go with the flow and the images turn out wonderful. You're great at your job." Brittany Versaevel 


"Vanessa and I were friends before we worked together through her photography. I watched her develop a style and really enjoyed looking at the pictures she had taken. To see her now doing what she loves is awesome! That being said my experience with Vanwalk Photography could not have been better! I've used other photographers before, both studio and independent and I've never been happy with those pictures. Vanessa on the other hand, has done nothing but good photos. The price is fair for the quality, which is amazing. She finds the best little places to do outdoor photos, places that you don't even think about on the side of the road when you drive by them. I got my previews of pictures the night after she took them, and got my full package the following day. There is no one else I would trust with taking my photos. Ever." Kayt Simpson


"After having my first daughter I decided to get professional photos done. I went to Walmart and after a very impatient photographer took her photos I swore I’d never get professional photos done again. When my second daughter was born I decided we try out a photographer doing photography out of her home. For the second time I was unsatisfied with the price of the photos and the experience. A few months later I wanted photos done of my fiancé and myself and that is when I found Vanessa. She took photos of us in -20 snowing weather. The price was phenomenal for the quality and the amount of photos I received. Spring came along, and I won a photo shoot so my family and I met with Vanessa on a beautiful trail on the edge of Woodstock. We all walked through the trails and took photos along the way. My 4 year old loved the atmosphere and walking with Vanessa, and she showed great patience for my 6 month old. Of course, I was extremely happy with my photos and with the professionalism of Vanessa. It is clear in the work Vanessa produces that she is extremely dedicated to photography and I am very grateful for the moments she has captured in my family’s life. I highly recommend Vanessa as a photographer, as she has become almost like a friend." Tawnya Desnoyers


"You truly are an amazing photographer!! You're very out going and very bubbly. You not only take gorgeous and extremely beautiful photos you made me, my fiance, and my beautiful girls feel at ease and relaxed. Definitely a pro! We were beyond impressed with our photos! The prices we couldn't beat. Worth every single penny!! We look forward to including you in our wedding day and our family as it grows and as our children get older. Thank you." Mckay Family

"After a disaster of a photo shoot with another photographer, I spoke with Vanessa about the kind of family photos we were looking to have done. She arrived promptly for our shoot, excited with work with us. We had asked for a more relaxed shoot, where natural moments were captured, not so much staged. Even though our little ones were not always cooperative, Vanessa never got frustrated or upset with them. She just kept snapping pictures. We will not only be requesting her services for this years family photos, but we just found out we are expecting, and I am looking forward to working with her for some belly pics too. Keep up the amazing work Vanessa!" Kaitlin Mackenzie

"Ever since I had my daughter I knew I wanted to get professional newborn photos done of her and found Vanessa over facebook and knew she was the one I wanted to photograph my daughter. My daughter was 7 weeks old when she did her newborn shoot and man did they ever turn out amazing, despite the crankiness that came with my daughter, they all turned out beautifully! After I saw how well she was with the newborn shoot and once I saw the photos I knew she was our photographer, so from there she did some family photos of my fiance, our son, our daughter and I outside, although my daughter was so serous the whole time they also turned out wonderful, she was always asking questions like "do you want more of you and your fiance" or "is there enough family ones" she was so funny, got my 2 year old son smiling. She is very kind and patient, especially when it comes to children. A few months after the family photos we went on to do cake smashes with her for my 3 year old son and 1 year old daughter and oh man was that ever fun, her house got covered in cake but all she could do was laugh about it, then gave the kids a free bath haha that was fun. Her photos turn out wonderful, I cant say I don't like one single one of Vanessas photography pictures! All 3 of the shoots I was able to see a sneak peek of the photos the day of the shoot and have my cd of photos a couple days after that. I am so glad I found such a perfect photographer to catch the most wonderful moments with the most important people in my life. She truly does have talent! You're also a fun person and really easy to talk to, makes it easy for me, considering how shy I am." ~Ashley Murray & Family


"Vanessa and I have been friends since we were little girls. We grew up together and watched each other grow into adults and see our passions come alive. Her passion of photography has been alive for many years and from the beginning her work has been extraordinary. Her photographs are very natural and none of it is posed. She works with you to give you what you want from how many final pictures to poses and location. She captures those moments that you always wish you had, and once you work with Vanessa you will. Every time I get photos done I have so much trouble narrowing down my photos to the amount of pictures I have within my package chosen, I just can’t choose because they are all so amazing. You get amazing pictures, at such a value (it is a steal believe me) and the experience of the photo shoot is fun, and enjoyable throughout. I got my photos to view for proofing within 24 hours (such a short time) and then had those available for pick up quickly after. Since the first photo shoot I continue to come back time and time again for more pictures. From pregnancy to newborn and then family pictures we have received, she covers all areas all with the same level of greatness. I can’t thank vanwalk photography enough for all the beautiful moments she has captured of me and my family, creating pictures and memories that will last a lifetime; her pictures make my house a warmer place to live!" Stephanie Wardle


"My Mother, sister and I had pictures taken by Vanwalk photography last summer before my sister moved away. Vanessa was fantastic! She made us all feel comfortable in her presence allowing us to be our true selves during the photo shoot. The image quality was superb. I ended up ordering more than I had initially planned, as I was so pleased with how they had all turned out. I would definitely recommend Vanwalk photography!" Sara Park


"Vanessa did our maternity photos and our youngest son Carters new born pictures when he was just 3days old! We had such a great experience, we won't be going to anyone else in the future. During our maternity photos, I think we laughed almost the entire time, she made us feel so comfortable and she had some great ideas that turned out amazing. One of the things that I love about her, is once you leave she usually starts editing the photos so soon and posts private previews online that only you can see! She doesn't pick the photos you get, she let's you choose! And she gets them done so fast, you're not waiting weeks and weeks to get them back! Once my son was born we made plans very quickly to do his pictures. She was amazing with him, and very good with flipping him all over the place to get great poses. She again had some great ideas and I can't believe how amazing they turned out. I love how she can turn such a simple photo into something amazing, she doesn't need loads of props to do a good job, she's an amazing photographer that captures the beauty in a person. I'm very excited for our future photo sessions with her!!" Megan Saunders


"We met Vanessa when she was the photographer at my son's wedding and took the most glorious pictures of my grandson after he was born. She is incredibly creative and has an eye for beautiful but non traditional images. When we decided to get married we both agreed that we couldn't imagine anyone but Vanessa capturing our special day. We could have chosen one of dozens of photographers in Toronto but we trusted Vanessa to capture the essence of who we are and provide us with special memories of our children, family and friends. We are so happy with our photographs and will cherish them forever!" Janet Turner


"Vanwalk photography came right to my house when my son was only a few weeks old! Vanessa was absolutely fantastic with my newborn son! She was very professional kind and very personable. I would recommend vanwalk photography to anyone who asked for a great photographer. Her work speaks for itself!" Melissa Waytowich


"After I had my daughter I used Walmarts studio to get family pictures done. They were way overpriced and seemed soo fake in their positioning, so when I became pregnant with my son I knew I needed to find someone else to do them. I found Vanessa's site on Facebook, I knew her from high school so I booked belly pics as well as newborn pics. I was so impressed with the quality and swiftness of Vanessa's work. I also used her services for my husband's Christmas present, a boudoir photo shoot, she made me feel very comfortable and my husband loved the end result! I will definitely be booking another photo shoot sometimes in the near future!" Katie Balsillie

"After many disappointing photo's, we decided to give you a try. Knowing you as a friend of my sister's, we got to see a lot of you work done on our niece and nephew and we were intrigued! We needed updated pics of our kids for family, so we gave you a shot.... Trust me when I say that was the BEST choice we ever made! You LISTENED to us, when we told you what we were looking for in photos, you were AMAZING with our kid's, And much more easier to work with (and less awkward) then our previous photographer! We truly look forward to MANY more pictures with Vanwalk Photog in the future! hoping the next set will be a mixture of Family/Maternity Photos!" The Bloxsidge's


"I had never done a professional photo shoot before but when I decided to have one done of my brother and I for Christmas, I am grateful that I chose Vanessa as my first experience. The location she chose was amazing as well as the final product. All the photos were incredible and the variety of shots she provided were worth every penny. I will definitely be using Vanwalk again in the future." Michelle Kelly


"I have nothing but good things to say about Vanwalk Photography. The photoshoot with my sisters was absolutely fantastic. She took the time to capture individual shots of each of us as well as numerous unique group shots. The locations chosen were a perfect fit for us and produced timeless photos that can never be replaced. My second experience with Vanwalk Photography was just as good as the first. My boyfriend entered us in the Valentines Contest where we ended up winning a winter shoot. Although very cold and snowy the day of the photoshoot, Vanessa powered through and put up with all of my complaining. The locations again were fabulous and had a very personal touch for us both. She managed to again capture some wonderful pictures that both Kyle and I were thrilled to display in our new home. I will continue to use Vanwalk Photography for all my future photography needs!" - Randi Young


"Vanessa and I have known each other since elementary school so it was very easy for me to ask her to do our photos for the holiday season. The day couldn't have been more perfect and watching her do what she loved to do the most made it even more enjoyable. Her attention to detail ensures that each photo is everything that you envisioned it to be. We will be sure to continue to come to Vanessa and vanwalk photog to capture our most precious of memories." Amanda Empey


"I would love to tell everyone what an amazing photographer Vanessa is!! I initially met Vanessa while looking for a photographer for our upcoming wedding. She was very professional, yet personable. I had specific things I wanted and didn’t want and like most people a budget! I could not find any other photographer that would do just that. She was amazing, asked me what I wanted and customized a package that suited both. I am so excited for her to shoot our wedding in the late fall. She recently did a family photo session with my niece, nephew and my 2 children ages 1, 2, 3, and 4. When doing a photo shoot with children that age it can be very difficult to do, Vanessa was AMAZING, had an unbelievable amount of patience and used her ability to get amazing pictures of all children in a beautiful natural surroundings. I would recommend Vanessa for your next photo shoot!!" Angela Roloson


"Capturing moments has always been so indescribably important to me and when my husband agreed to get professional photos taken of our daughter and family I knew I would have to do research to find the right photographer. We are so fortunate to have Vanessa capture these incredible photographs of our family and I could not imagine anyone else taking them. She took the time to get to know us as a family, what we were looking for in our photos, and what was important to us. I think what impressed us the most was that she spent time with our daughter of 14 months which allowed her to open up and develop a relationship with Vanessa. Its always been hard for our daughter to open up to new people but Vanessa just has such an amazing personality and is so fantastic with children that in no time our daughter bonded with her as if she had known her for months. Another thing that blew me away with Vanwalk Photography was how fast it was to get the photos, how flawless they were and that no detail was overlooked. With another baby on the way we are so thrilled to have Vanessa as our photographer to capture those precious newborn moments and to take beautiful photos of our growing family. Thank you a million times over for giving us something so special that we will be able to cherish forever." The Rennie Family


"Not many have the talent to capture someone's personality so well in a photo like vanessa does. she makes the person feel beautiful from the inside out. She makes you feel so comfortable during your shoot, with her easy going personality. With her amazing creativity you always know your going to get exactly what you want or even more! Even though I won the photo shoot for myself for the hot mama contest she captured the love a mother has for her child with incorporating skylar in the shoot! I am so pleased with the results I got I will be definitely going back to get more photos done!!!" Lindsay Strickler