Hi, I'm Vanessa!

I am the gal behind all the messages we'll share back and forth. I run this show. I've been in business for over ten years serving the residents Oxford County. I really love a lot of things about running a small business, but hands down is the connections I build with so many awesome people.

I'm married to a jack of all trades who dabbles in just about everything. We have two really awesome kiddos at home who have taught me more about myself than I ever knew in the years before I gave birth to them.

Some things about me you might find interesting are that I'm a neuroscience junkie. I love everything to do with brains, development, and psychology. You will 100% find me talking about the real world applications of neurobiology, and dropping truth bombs about why the heck we act the way we do. I also really love animals. Basically all of them, with a large affection for dogs, reptiles, amphibians and certain insects. We have a pet jumping spider at our house who lives in my office. I'm quite fond of him and I will absolutely show you pictures of him if given the opportunity.

You might choose me to be your photographer if you're looking for someone who is wildly laid back, non judgemental, understanding, kind and patient. I strive to make client experience the thing that you return back to me for.

I have an extra passion in photography for families and individuals who fall into the neuro-spicy department, as well as any other disability. So please reach out to me if you have a family member that may need some extra accommodations to make your session as successful as possible,.