Hi, I'm Vanessa!

I am the gal behind all the messages we'll share back and forth. I take photos, but more than that, I get to know you, I get to know your kids, I'll share in the triumphs, and I'll show up when things are hard. I want to photograph your entire story, not just the parts we think others will want to see. I want you to introduce me to the people you love most. Being a partner and a parent allows me to understand that this messy life we're living deserves to be honoured. I offer laid back, client led sessions to truly capture the essence of your family. I want to grab little moments, in all their beauty.

I'm a wife to a jack of all trades, and a momma to two kiddos. I love being a small business owner. I love Oxford County small businesses. I love my job, a ton. My clients become my friends, and I form real bonds with so many amazing kiddos. Outside of work, I like being outside, going on walks with my family or friends. I enjoy video games and reading. I'm Type A, control freak in my personal life, and the exact opposite in my work life. I'm an absolute extrovert, I love people and talking to them and being around them.

I'm an all inclusive photographer. I'm proud to offer my services, and my friendship, to all kinds of humans. I have a major soft spot for kiddos who fall into a neuro-divergent category.