Having a baby is a big deal. Whether it's your first, your fourth, or your tenth. Every new addition is SO special and being there to capture such an emotional time in your life is literally why I love my job so much. A lifestyle newborn session will take place in your home (optional outdoors in the summer) and will perfectly document this amazing time in your lives. I love photographing babies from all sorts of different angles so you'll remember every single inch of their precious little selves.

I recommend doing newborn sessions once mom is feeling mentally, emotionally, and physically well enough to do them. I like to do them within the first 90 days of life BUT making sure momma is in a good place is first and foremost. I want parents to look back on these times with fond memories, and not remember some of the harder parts of bringing a new baby home. So get in touch to let me know when your due date is, and then let me know once babe has arrived and then I'll check in to see what works best once your home.

You got this mama.