Having a baby is a big deal. Whether it's your first, your fourth, or your tenth. Every new addition is SO special and being there to capture such an emotional time in your life is literally why I love my job so much. I bring my documentary style of photography to my maternity and newborn sessions to truly memorialize this time in your lives. Get in contact with me if you're expecting and you'd like to chat about your options for photographing this amazing milestone! In light of the pandemic, newborn sessions are 100% hands off for me. These sessions will be casual, lighthearted, and with very little prompting. Sessions are entirely baby led. I want you to look back at your images and be instantly teleported back to this very real, emotional, special time. All sessions are subject to change of availability due to safety recommendations by the province of Ontario.

Maternity sessions are best done between 31-37 weeks. They can be casual, or they can be a lot more styled. Get in touch with me to discuss the vibe you're interested in. Sessions can be done indoors or out, include family or just your partner, or all about you and your belly!

Fresh 48 sessions are taken IN hospital typically in the first 24 hours. These sessions are laid back and go with the flow. They are edited entirely in black and white. These sessions are truly one of my favourites to shoot. If your hospital experience is anything like mine, you'll barely remember a thing. You're tired, (exhausted actually) feeling overwhelmed, and likely feeling some big feelings. Let me be there to help you remember how wrinkly those toes were, just how small that baby looked in their first little bed, I want you to always remember how tiny their little hand was the first few time they wrapped their whole hand around your single finger. Those memories are priceless and they disappear way quicker than you would think.

Newborn sessions take place in your home within the first 30 days of birth. These sessions are ZERO pressure and are entirely baby led. If baby needs to eat, we wait. If baby wants to be entirely awake, thats completely fine. I don't want it to be anything other than an authentic look at those first few weeks with babe. Sessions will be hands off for me likely for the entire year. I will guide parents with light posing for babe, and let you know where in your home is the best in terms of lighting. All you'll need to have handy is a tight fitting plain onesie or sleeper and maybe a swaddle blanket or two. When you look at your newborn photos months and years later I want all those memories of the crazy first month to come flooding back to you. That's the kind of memory I want to help you to create.

I have quite a few different package options for this time. By grouping sessions together you can save a little $$.

Maternity $250

Fresh48 $350

Newborn $350

Belly to Baby $550 (belly and newborn OR fresh48)

Babe's First Year $850* (Add Maternity for $225, Add Fresh48 for $300)