Can I purchase extra images?

Absolutely!! For regular priced sessions, extras are $15 each. You can also upgrade to the whole gallery at a discounted rate of $120.

Do I get the unedited images?

No, your packages will only included professionally culled and edited images to represent the best of my work, and the best of your session. Part of the cost of your session, is my editing aesthetic and keen eye for image selection.

Do you require a deposit to book?

Normally yes, but with the every changing pandemic my ability to operate can cease from one day to another, and I can't guarantee a session will happen until it does. Your full balance is due on the day of your session.

What kind of gear do you use?

I have a full frame DSLR and high quality lenses to capture your memories with. I use licensed software for editing on reliable computers. I have a secure network/server system to keep your images safe until they are delivered to you.

Does my package come with prints?

All packages include digital images only. Throughout the 2021 year I will be opening up the print shop portion of my website so you can print easily through a professional printer and have your prints shipped directly to your door. Once the shop is open and operating fully I will be recommending clients do all their printing through my website to ensure proper and quality printing.

I lost my session, what do I do?

Once your gallery has been delivered to you I move the proofs to an external harddrive and my server. RAW unedited images are deleted. If you want changes made or you think anything is missing from your session please message me regarding this BEFORE the gallery has been delivered. I suggest backing up your images to at least one other spot after downloading. A secondary computer, a USB or an external harddrives are all great options for long term storage.

Can I make changes to my images myself?

No thank you. If you'd like changes made please let me know PRIOR to downloading your images. The copyright remains in my name, so any form of editing done by anyone but me to my images is in violation of copyright law. I'd be happy to make (reasonable) changes to your images to make you love them as much as possible.

I booked my session, now what?

YAY! I'm so excited to work with you. Take a look through the other parts of the website to find some useful information on how to plan for your session. You'll also need to fill out a questionnaire and sign a contract. If I haven't sent those over be sure to remind me.

How long will it take to get my images after my session?

Please be patient with me. This pandemic has been tricky for my family. My usual workflow has been interrupted by the ever changing schedule of my family. I have one remote learner at home who needs to adhere to a schedule, and one very challenging toddler who has a schedule of his own. I try to manage my time as best as I can. I tell clients it will be at least 10 business days (two weeks) and if it will be longer than that I will let you know. You can place a rush on your images and have them within 48 hours if there are extenuating circumstances. This rush processing is $150.

I have a session scheduled but someone in my household is ill or something urgent has come up. What do I do?

Hey, I get it. Life is tricky right now, and a runny nose or a headache aren't thing we pass off as nothing anymore. If a member of your family whom you have contact with regularly has become unwell or has a fever, public safety guidelines dictate you should stay home. Contact me and we'll figure something out. That being said, please only book a session if you truly intend to follow through with it. My schedule is complicated, often having to manage childcare so I can be away. Any last minute cancellations will be taken in to inconsideration when taking future bookings.

Do I need to have a computer to download my images?

I always suggest downloading images to a computer so you can get the highest resolution for printing. While some phone's will let you download the images, some will compress the files, meaning lower quality when it comes time for printing.

Can I bring my pets to my session?

If your pet is comfortable with new people, and is safe to take around others then ABSOLUTELY YES bring your pet to your session.

Can I add an additional person to my session?

As long as the maximum number of people there for the session does not exceed the max amount allowed to gather (including me) as set forth by provincial guidelines, you can add additional people to your session for $25 each.

My images are done. How do I order?

EASY! Just log into your gallery and press the heart on the ones that you want. You can then either share your favourites with me or just shoot me a message and let me know you've made your choices.

What if its raining on the day of my session?

Rain stinks, and unfortunately for most types of sessions means that we'll need to reschedule. For smaller groups (families or couples) sessions can easily be moved indoors for a home session. Large groups, and styled shoots will have to be rescheduled if it's raining.

Do you have a studio?

Not anymore. My studio space is now an office and school room. I will no longer be offering studio setups.

Do you take business portraits?

YES! I no longer have a studio so I will only be able to offer on location or outdoor business portraits. Branding sessions are on location or outdoors as well.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes definitely. If you want the session done but something comes up, or you need to wait until payday I can absolutely wait for payment. You are still responsible for paying the retainer to hold your session date/time at the time of booking. You also won't see any previews or your gallery until your balance is paid in full.

When do you want payment?

Payment is due on the day of your session.

Do you travel for sessions?

Right now I'm only offering sessions to the Woodstock and surrounding area (same health unit)

Will I see all of the images taken in my finished gallery?

No, part of the price you pay is for my expertise in selecting the best images for you to view. The culling process will weed out unflattering images to ensure your gallery is fresh, complimentary, and only displaying the best memories for you to make your selections from.

Who owns the copyright to my session?

The copyright remains in my name. You have full printing rights to your images. By maintaining copyright it allows me to use your images for the purposes of advertising, marketing, or general display purposes in digital form or print. *IF* this is not something you're comfortable with PLEASE let me know. Photos of a sensitive nature (IE boudoir) I will always ask permission to share publicly before doing so.

Do I need to sign a contract?

Yes. You'll need to sign an indoor or outdoor photography contract and also fill out and sign a quick questionnaire. These will be emailed to you after booking to secure your date and time. These will need to be filled out electronically and sent back to me.

What do I wear?

My rule of thumb is NEUTRALS. They will compliment any season and any decor when printed and displayed in your home. (Or any home)

There's a whole post about it, it is the most commonly asked question I get.

Do you have to post my images publicly?

Absolutely not. Your privacy is SO important to me. I have quite a few clients who don't share images of themselves or their children online for a variety of reasons. A simple ask that I don't post is all I need.

Who has access to my gallery?

Me, and anyone you provide the link to. I will ONLY send the link to the client that booked the session (regardless of who pays)

Furthermore, my client is the only person I release images to. IF someone else wants the photos, I have to have permission from the client/whoever signs the contract.

Will you wear a mask during our session?

I will wear a mask for as long as it is recommended by the province of Ontario. Your safety is very important to me.

Additionally, I will not be doing any shooting during lock downs. Not under the table, not secretively. I face some hefty fines if I am caught operating when I'm not permitted to do so. While I respect everyones right to free thinking and free speech, these are the choices I've made for myself and my business.