Planning Your Session

You've booked your session! YAY! I'm so very excited to start talking about your session. Below are some policies, and some helpful hints for making your session a success. I do have a FAQ section that can be found in the menu section on this website with answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Here are some booking policies for your session.

  1. The cost of the session includes my time communicating with you about your session, photographing your session, uploading, backing up, culling, editing, uploading your gallery, and fielding any questions you may have.
  2. During (or before) your session, any requests for particular shots may be made and I am happy to oblige (as long as you, your family, and myself will be safe - I am well within my rights to refuse to photograph something degrading, dangerous, harmful to any persons involved) I am not responsible for shots not achieved due to uncooperative subjects, locational/lighting limitations, or forgetfulness by myself or the clients. I will absolutely try to get everything you wanted.
  3. The session length will depend entirely on the subjects. Some standard sessions can be finished in 20 minutes, others may take up to 90 minutes. Longer sessions like home sessions or newborn sessions may take up to 2 hours. Please plan your day accordingly so I can be sure to get enough content to fulfill your package.
  4. With your package you'll only receive professionally edited images. No RAW/unedited images are given out as they aren't a full representation of my work. The package also does not come with any prints. My intention is to have the prints and product portion of my website opened up by spring 2021.
  5. You will have full printing rights to your images. The copyright remains in my name. The images cannot be altered by anyone other than myself. Editing includes (but is not limited to) any kind of colour manipulation such as adding filters, vignettes, changing to black and white, contrast adjustments etc. Cropping for the purpose of fitting into a print dimension is fine. If you would like changes made to your images, please make these requests BEFORE downloading your images. After download, any extra editing will cost $10 per image.
  6. Once your photos have been sent out to you you'll have 7 days to download them. After this time the download will expire and I'll have to resend. Please download within the time limit.

Tips for Making Your Session a Success

  1. If children will be in the photos, please make sure they are fed, dressed appropriately for the weather, have sunscreen on (during summer months if skin is exposed) and for younger children, have napped. I know kids can be unpredictable and they won't always be happy, but do your best to put them in a position to be in a good mood.
  2. If you have glasses that automatically darken in the sunlight, think about swapping them out for a spare or different pair so your eyes can be seen in the photos.
  3. Wear clothing that is flattering to your body. Set yourself up for feeling your best, by wearing clothing that is comfortable. Make sure everyone is wearing clothes that are appropriate to the season (I know I've said it a few times but it's important) Cold or hot subjects - especially kiddos - will get cranky and won't be happy, and put stress on the session. Our goal is to remember a happy time in your lives, not misery!
  4. Be communicative about what your expectations are for the shoot with me. If you want specific shots PLEASE let me know so I can capture what you want.
  5. Try not to stress too much about it. Particularly when dealing with kids, our expectations don't always match our reality. Be open to trying new things, be willing to adjust your vision, and most of all, don't get upset if your kids aren't acting how you want them to. Don't worry! I'm capturing them as they are at this stage in their lives. Wouldn't you rather look back and remember their crazy individualism than see kids with fake smiles?

Planning Your Newborn Session

Newborn sessions are a little different than your standard session. These tips will help you to know what to expect and help you plan to make the session as painless as possible.

  1. These sessions may take up to 2-3 hours, (with COVID I try to keep them to no longer than 90 minutes) so plan accordingly. They're led by baby, so if they need to stop to eat, or for a change and a snuggle, we need to allow for that. Don't stress if your baby is a slow eater, or is a bit fussy. I leave a lot of time when scheduling a newborn session so I don't need to rush.
  2. These sessions are taken in your home. I'll likely ask you to send me photos of the babies room, the master bedroom, and any large windows you have in the house to ensure that there will be enough light for your session. Do your best to clear any areas with good window light from clutter to keep your images looking polished.
  3. Have baby fed by the time I get there. If baby has recently eaten they're generally in a good mood for the first bit of their session.
  4. These sessions are casual. Lots of family and sibling shots if everyone is cooperative. Be prepared to snuggle baby quite a bit.
  5. Ideally I want baby under 30 days old, but if it just doesn't happen before then it's OK. The most important part is capturing this milestone in your lives. Baby will still be adorable and small, they just might be more awake than they would have been when they're younger.
  6. During COVID times sessions are hands off for me. So having a few things handy to change it up will give your session some variety. Try having a neutral or plain white TIGHT fitting onesie or sleeper handy. A wrap or two (stretch jersey or muslin work best) to wrap up baby in is a good option as well. Anything you decide to put baby in, make sure it fits their body snug so shots can focus solely on baby and not loose clothes. Try your best to have clean, wrinkle free, neutral bedding on both the crib mattress and on the master bed (if that's where we discuss shooting) Parents wearing neutrals is great for newborn sessions. It won't pull any attention from baby.

Planning Your Boudoir Session

Here you'll find some tips for preparing for your upcoming boudoir session. These sessions are so much fun for me to photograph. Please know that everyone gets nervous before their session, but usually those nerves go away pretty quickly once we start shooting. By being aware of the below information we can hopefully ensure the session will go off without a hitch.

  1. Hair removal - this of course is a personal preference. Whatever you choose to do for your session be sure not to try anything new right before your session. If you're getting waxed/sugared be sure to do it with enough time to let any irritation subside.
  2. Tanning - some women get a spray tan before their session. If you're going to, be sure to do it a week before the session so your colour isn't rubbing off on the surrounding areas.
  3. Furthermore, if you are getting a spray tan, consider doing it nude to avoid tan lines (no, I will not just "edit them out" for you either - Please be mindful of this. Boudoir sessions already involve quite a bit of retouching. Any editing that needs to be done on top of my standard boudoir retouching comes at a cost of $50 per hour)
  4. Select clothing items that you feel GREAT in, that fit your body appropriately. (see the what too wear post)
  5. Get your hair and makeup done. Seldom do we get to spoil ourselves like this so go all out. I can recommend some awesome ladies. Having your hair and makeup done will only make your images look better.
  6. Show me what you plan on wearing. I can definitely help you decide what's going to photograph best. It's not weird at all for you to send me messages of you in lingerie, I'm going to see it eventually anyways.
  7. Think about what your limits are, do you want to do anything topless, bottomless, covered up, baring all? I say, be as bold and brave as you can bare. But I will NEVER pressure you to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.
  8. WHAT DO I DO WITH MY FACE?! This is such a common question for me. Your session won't all be face on. I'll give you direction, don't worry at all. My default advice is the best face to make is a resting B face, sometimes adding in a cheeky smile.
  9. Please have fun. I want this to be an amazing experience for you. I want you to feel amazing during and after your session. Be sure to let me know any problem areas you may have. If you want me to camouflage something, emphasize something else. All this information will be crucial in giving you images that will make you feel top notch.

Planning a Home Session

A session in your home is such a cozy way of capturing your lives JUST as they are. One of the greatest things about them is that they're low stress, especially for those with younger children. These sessions will focus on relationships. I want to capture the interactions that are natural to you. Whether that's snuggling up with your partner on the couch, or watching your kids play with their toys. Follow these loose guidelines to make sure the session will be all it can be.

  1. These sessions take place all over the house, anywhere that there's light. So try to ensure the house is cleaned up and clutter free so the emphasis can be on the people.
  2. Depending on the size of your family, the session may take an hour or two. Make sure everyone knows it may take that long so they know what to expect.
  3. The session can be whatever you want it to be. If you want to celebrate a milestone, capture little toes, or if you want the focus to be on the relationship with your kids, it can be whatever. I'll ask you what you want to focus on, and we'll go in that direction.
  4. I'll take a lot of photos, I want to capture every little moment.
  5. Make them fun. I want to see playful interactions. I want real smiles, real hugs, and all the crazy.
  6. You can plan an activity, or go with the flow. Be warned though.. I bring out a fairly wild energy in kiddos most of the time.

Printing Your Images

Stay tuned, big things are coming when it comes to having your images printed. In the meantime. DON'T PRINT AT NON-PROFESSIONAL LABS. Your photos will look like GARB, and I'll fly into a frenzy in my brain about whether or not I've done something wrong. Fun fact: It's always the mediocre labs. I can suggest some great online labs for printing.