You're standing in the doorway to your child's room. They're fast asleep after maybe a long day, or a long bedtime. Today may have not been your best parenting day. Your kids may have had trouble listening, been cranky, or completely inflexible. You may have been quick to anger, you may have rushed bedtime just to get to that alone time you've been wanting all day. But here you are, looking at this human you've been entrusted with and you wonder how in the world you're so lucky to be their parent. You're humbled by such an amazing gift. With a clear head you're able to appreciate their quirks that irritated you so much during the day. You sigh and wish you could just remember these moments when you're in the thick of a parenting challenge. You resist the urge (or maybe completely give in to the urge) to lay down with them in their bed just to be next to them, to breathe in their absolute perfection. You promise them tomorrow you'll do better, that you'll always try to be better for them.

This parenting gig is hard work. I'm here to tell you that my hope is that photos won't be the hardest thing you have to do with your family. Sessions are laid back, freestyle, and meant to be fully of giggles and fun. Parents can take comfort in knowing that I've got this. Kiddos who are loud, chaotic, and stubborn are some of my favourites. They won't surprise me because I've seen it all, and I love it. So don't not do your family photos because you're worried about how your kids will act. They're awesome how they are, and you'd be surprised how much magic we can make from the chaos.

**Sessions are for ALL types of families. Please send me a message if you have a family member who has additional needs that may need to be accommodated**