What Should I Wear?

This can be one of the most stressful parts to having your photos taken, and the more people in the photos, the more overwhelming it may seem. I hope that by looking through the tips on this page I can help ease some of that worry and help lead you in the direction of finding wonderful clothing to compliment the location, and the personalities of those in your family. First off, here are some questions to as yourself:

Where are the photos being taken? You wouldn't wear a sweatsuit to the beach, the same way you wouldn't wear shorts in the winter. Be sure that whatever clothing choices you make are appropriate not only for the climate of your session but compliment the location that we're in.

What kind of clothing appeals to your personalities? Do you or someone in your family LOVE yellow? Does your child have a favourite pair of shoes? Build your outfits around your likes. There's always room for an outfit change if you want different vibes for your session as well.

Do we need to match? No, complimenting each other is what you're going for. Choosing a few colours that look good with each other and building off those base colours is a good way to go.

Do you want to go fancy, casual or somewhere in between? This is generally the first question you should ask yourself. It will help steer you in the direction to what kind of pieces to look for whether it's a formal dress, a nice top with jeans, or a casual sundress.

Some tips for finding the right pieces for you and your family.

  1. Find something that's comfortable to wear. If an outfit is uncomfortable, it will read in the face. Hard to get a good smile out of someone who's pants are too tight.
  2. Choose items that are flattering for your body. Don't like your arms? Don't wear a strapless top. Not happy with your tummy, don't wear something tight to that area.
  3. Neutrals are key. Neutral items will almost always look good together, denim, tan, khaki, white, grey. Neutrals will also flow seamlessly between the seasons and transition between decor changes.
  4. If you're going to introduce a pattern into your clothing, try only one pattern per palette. Florals and plaid don't mix.
  5. Wear clothes that FIT, especially in children, ill-fitting clothes can be a distraction from their adorable little faces. You want to look put together regardless of if you're going casual or formal.
  6. SHOES! Don't forget the shoes. I know it can be daunting to think about buying shoes just for a photoshoot, but pick up some casual plain shoes for the adults and the kiddos (second hand shops are great for this reason) A nice outfit can be ruined by the wrong shoes.
  7. Avoid clothing with graphics and logos (unless of course its a branding session)
  8. I love solids for sessions, they're not distracting and they're easier to pair with other articles of clothing.
  9. If you feel overwhelmed or discouraged, head to google or Pinterest and see what you like. Or shoot me a message!
  10. Dark colours are FINE. I wear black pretty exclusively and it can totally be worn for your session if that's what you want. Style it with other darker neutrals or colours. Or use black and white as a way to POP.

Oh, and if you want to do something fun and crazy HIT ME UP, because I'm always up for something different, cool, and out of the box.

So what colours actually GO together?

That's a question that isn't easily answered, because really, you can make anything GO together based on your vibe for the session. Different colours work better in different seasons as well.

For the beach - light colours and flowy fabrics look great!

For a park with grass and trees - avoid green, medium-light neutrals and denim(bright colours are great in the summer.)

In the winter - darker deeper tones, rich colours in the jewel tone family, denim, plaid,

In the fall - JEWEL TONES like mustard, emerald, navy, maroon, sapphire, olive.

For a maternity session - for the momma to be, something fitting tight to the belly is great. I usually recommend a tight dress, or a tee/tank with a loose cardigan overtop.

What to Wear - Boudoir Edition

Finding outfits for a boudoir session might be something TOTALLY out of your comfort zone. Don't worry. You may find yourself needing my help and that's totally fine, I'm more than willing to make suggestions for you and I'll even head to the internet and send you direct links to products if that's what you'd like. But first, here are some general tips for choosing outfits for a boudoir session with me.

  1. Go sexy. Go out of your comfort zone. Choose items you may not normally be drawn to.
  2. Put down the baby dolls, there's no room for them here. They're not flattering for your body, and they hide all your best assets. They may be your go to, especially if your mid section is a problem area for you, but don't do it. There are other ways to camouflage that area that will look MUCH sexier.
  3. Pick up at least one body suit. They trim down the midsection, are flattering on pretty much any body type, and are actually REALLY sexy.
  4. Grab a bra and panty set. Get something that gives the girls a push up and makes them look fantastic.
  5. High waisted panties will be your friend if your midsection is an area you don't love.
  6. A loose sweater or robe is a great thing to add to an outfit to change it up a little. Some off the shoulder action can be really pretty for some tamer images.
  7. Wear something that FITS your body. Make sure your items fit appropriately. It doesn't matter the size on the tag, what matters is that its flattering for your body.
  8. I personally love to photograph items that are a neutral colours. Black is my favourite. Neon colours I personally don't love for boudoir sessions. But to each their own.
  9. Treat yourself to new lingerie. Nows the time to do it.
  10. Underwear and a top are also a great way to go.
  11. Go naked if you want (or topless, or bottomless). ITS COOL WITH ME. The session can be whatever you want it to be. My images are kept on a secure network so you can feel confident that your images are SAFE with me.
  12. Get your hair and makeup done. I can make some great recommendations. Exaggerated/heavier makeup is great for boudoir photography. Loose dirty curls are great for hair.