You've welcomed a brand new babe into your family, and now there's someone coming into your home to photograph this brand new chapter of your lives. You might be wondering what you need to do to prepare for your session so it will go smoothly. I'm hoping that this guide will answer any questions you may have, and give you lots of valuable information to help you feel less stressed and more prepared. I'll cover everything from how to get your home photo ready (and it's easier than you think), some great tips for helping baby stay comfortable for the session, some insight on how to choose outfits, and I'm sure some random but helpful info that willput you on the path to having a successful newborn session.

A quick note before we start.

Whether you're a brand new client or a returning family, I thank you for the honour of photographing your new addition. Welcoming a baby is a huge deal, and it's so exciting, and I'm SO happy you've chosen me, and I get to be a part of your story.

I want you to know that the main goal here, is to photograph this new chapter you're in, and that is going to look different for every single family. Home sessions are going to be completely unique to your family, and the best thing you can do to prep is embrace your space, and your family. The whole point of an in home session is to memorialize everything just as it is. I love every newborn story I get the privilege to be a part of. So thank you again for asking me.

Getting your home ready

The biggest question/concern I get is how do you make your home look perfect for photos, and my answer is you don't. Your space is already perfect because it's yours. You want to look at the photos decades from now and remember every detail of your lives, and that includes your home. You want to remember your furniture and decor taste. You want to laugh about flaws, and reminisce about spaces you may no longer occupy. So below I'm going to discuss ways to make your home photograph in a way that's more pleasing to the eye, while still being YOUR unique space.

Home Prep

Home Prep

Declutter & Tidy

Your home doesn't need to be spotless. The most important factor in making your home "photo ready" is removing unneccesary items and clutter. Cleaning off any surfaces (counters, tabletops, desks, night stands, change tables, etc.) Removing shoes, outwear etc. from doorways/entry ways. Don't worry about areas with damage. We'll avoid them or I can take marks out if it's unavoidable to have it in the shot. A good dusting goes a long way. Less is more, and it will help to make your family the main focus.

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If you need more help or assurance regarding prepping your home, reach out. Some clients find it helpful to send photos or a video walkthrough of the house and I can weigh in on the rooms that I think would work best, and make any specific recommendations on what needs to be done. It would be general suggestions based on what I see. I would advise you to have the whole space ready to be photographed (just in case) even if we find one particular space works best.

Baby Prep

Babies are going to do what they want. They might sleep the whole session, they may be awake the entire session. Be prepared for anything, because you could do everything right but that baby might so 'No thank you. Not today' and refuse to do anything but snuggle and eat. That's okay! I've done so many sessions where baby spent most of their session in a parents arms. Try to go into the session with no expectations because baby sessions are led by babe, and they often don't do what you want them to do. They can't be tricked or coerced into anything so we have to follow their lead. There are a few things we can do to try to set baby up for success but again, we can do everything right and baby could still be fussy. Making sure to have the house nice and warm is number 1. If they're willing to eat before the session that's great, but don't stress about it because I can almost guarantee we'll have to feed babe at least once. I would avoid bathing them 24 hours before to avoid that super flakey baby skin. (Optional lotion application to avoid the flakes as well - but not putting NEW lotion on to avoid irritating babies skin) Having babe in an outfit of your choice, or just a diaper when I arrive is great. If you're nursing, avoiding any trigger foods that might make them excessively gassy or fussy.

Parent/Sibling prep

Making sure you've eaten and are relatively clean is basically my only requirement here. Especially for siblings, making sure they've had something to eat recently and have had lots of play time leading up to the session so they're ready and excited to participate. Even though sessions are baby led, any other children will heavily influence the session as well. Keeping things fun and lighthearted during the getting ready process and while I'm there will give the other tiny humans more patience for photos. Getting siblings familiar and comfortable with interacting with baby is great, but some are less interested and that's totally fine. I'll follow their lead.

What to wear

What to wear

Baby wardrobe

I will bring a basket of blankets, wraps, and outfits for baby in neutral tones that fit newborn to about 3 months. You are also welcome to pick some outfits out for baby as well. If you're choosing some items for baby try to make sure they fit snug to baby. Often buying preemie or newborn items as they'll allow the size of baby to be memorialized in the photos. I suggest neutral tones and no bright colours.

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What to expect during your session

Sessions can take up to 3 hours. So prepare to be seeing a lot of me. During your newborn session, I'll follow the lead of your family dynamic. Whether this is first baby, or 7th baby, we'll go with the flow. Typically I'll start with family shots, if there are siblings, I usually try to get everything done with other children first so they can go about their day. I'll do parent shots, solo and together, and shots of just baby on their own. I'll also try to get some detail shots of fingers and toes. We may move around to different rooms, and do a little bit of everything in each room, or we may do most of everything in one space. Babe will do a few outfits, or wraps, or both depending on how sleepy and easy going they are.

You can definitely expect to have to feed baby, even if they've been on a strict feeding schedule up until this point. Expect a lot of breaks while babe settles. Expect diaper changes, feedings, burps, fussing, sleeping, snuggles and general baby behaviours. With some sessions I suggest a sink bath if your kitchen has okay lighting. This part is totally optional, and sometimes babies absolutely hate it, but I love how little they are in the sink, and it can continue to be a reminder of how small they started. Let me know if this is something you'd like to try out!

I can't wait to meet your new little one!